Complex websites, portals
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For Clients

1. Prototyping

We create a project prototype within two weeks.

2. UX Design

The next two weeks we design database, software and server-based architecture of a project.

3. Design and layout

Alongside with UX design we create pages design. After approval we convert layouts from psd to html.

4. Programming

3-4 weeks after signing the contract we start developing software part of a project.

5. Testing and refinement

As far as possible we make testing and quality control.

6. Launch

Depending on a project scale launch takes from one to several weeks.

Customer participation

We refer to agile development, which implies active customer participation in a project.

For rapid communication, we organize a conference via skype, in which our project working group and a customer representative are involved.

Also, if possible, face to face meetings at least 1 time per month are desirable.

Iterative design method

Our development methodology allows a customer to make clarifications and small changes during development due to so-called iterative design.

Access to the process

We unload intermediate versions into temporary server at least 2 times a month, and during the most active stages of development we do it several times a week.

Upon request we can provide access to the repository with current project sourcecode and to task-manager where executed and scheduled project tasks are tracked.